Remove a Dirtbike tire, THE EASY WAY!


1st thing, let the air out of the tube by removing the valve stem core, use a vale stem core removing tool. Loosen the nut on your rim lock and leave the nut so that it is still threaded on generously at the end of the rim lock stud. For more information on the tools used in this procedure please see this post


Completely remove any nuts and keepers from the tubes valve stem (Leave the nut on the rim lock as the end of the rimlock stud threads).


2. place the wheel on your wheel stand using a tire iron, insert the iron into the seam where the tire meets the wheel and start to lever the tire off the rims bead seating area towards the center of the rim (Breaking the bead), work your way around the wheel ’til the tire bead is now collapsing into the dip in the center of the rim. Turn the wheel over and repeat on the other side of the tire.


** Note that some tire irons have a flat pointed end that works better for breaking a bead than the spooned end of the iron.


3. Now that we have the bead broken on the tire and both tire beads are collapsed into the center of the rim, you can get a little lube on the bead area to help the removal but is generally not necessary, you can also install a bead buddy on one side or both of the wheel holding the tire beads into the center of the rim.


4.Starting a couple inches from your bead buddy, Insert the spooned end of your tire iron into the rim with the spoon side facing the tire bead and use the rim to leaver the tire bead out of the rim and hold it steady.


Take your second tire iron, and move a short distance from where you are holding the bead outside the rim in the same way you did the first tire iron and leaver the bead out side of the rim.

*** Find the point where the tire iron is least resistant to fit under the tire bead***

At this point you should be able to remove your 1st tire iron and move along the rim, normally after the 2nd or 3rd time you pull the bead over the rim you should be able to continue all the way around the rim with just one tire iron or spoon. you may have to press and hold the rim lock up into the tire by pressing on the rim lock stem while you work the tire off in this area.

5. Now that you have one side of the tire’s bead outside of the rim, you can start work on the other side. Please note that this IS NOT the time to remove the tube. You may remove any bead buddy tools at this time. You should remove the opposing side of the tire in the same way as outlined in step 4. when you get to the rim lock you may have to again press the rim lock stem into the rim and tire and work the bead off.

**** When finished you should have both beads out side of the rim and the wheel will now be in the tire with the tube. ****


6. Pull the rim away from the tire allowing the rim to set into the tire, the rim should work out of the tire and can be set aside. If reusing your tube install your valve stem core and check for leaks or pinches.


Don’t forget to inspect your rim lock, Wheel hardware, Rim strip (Black band that keeps spokes from poking your tube) and all other items for wear and replace if needed. See our previous post for more information


And there you have it! Tire is off, tube is in the tire, no fighting, no pinching.
*** This is a good time to go over any spokes and wheel truing needs while the tire is off. **

Don’t forget to check out our other posts for more information about Installing a tire, tools and other items that should be considered when changing mx tires.

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