Install a Dirtbike tire, The easy way.

Installing a tire can be someone’s worst enemy, lets try to make it easy for you.

1st thing inflate your tube, and install it into the tire. This insures that there will be no twists or pinch points in the tube. DO NOT install the tube when the tire is halfway on the rim. It’s important to keep the tube inflated just enough to have it fill the tire, if you over inflate it, you will have trouble installing the tire, just lightly fill the tube with just a couple psi.

A little baby powder in the tire helps keep the tube from building friction in the tire.


2. After the tube is installed apply some tire installation lube generously around the bead area of the tire, I can’t stress enough how important the lube is. Also make sure your lube does not dry up before you finish the install. More information about tire lube and other install tools found here.


4. Once you have the lube on the bead areas of the tire, you will want to install the valve stem of the tube into the rim…take a look at the pictures for example. You will pull the tube slightly from the tire and thread the stem into the rim, place your keeping spacer or washer over the stem and thread on the valve stem nut.


Now you can let the tube set back into the tire, and start to work the tire on over the rim by hand, chase the tire around the rim with your palms ’til the downward facing bead area of the tire will not go on any further with out a tire iron.

Now is a good time to install your bead buddy to keep the tire bead in the center of the rim. It should be placed 180 degrees from where you are going to lever the tire onto the rim, in this case it should be placed near the valve stem. You can use 2 bead buddy’s, one on each side of the rim to drop both sides of the tire bead into the center of the wheel.


5. Start to lever tire bead into the wheel. at this point the tire should be most of the way on the rim, with only a few inches at the opposite end of the wheel from the valve stem. Use your tire irons, you will have to use 2, and roll the remaining area of the bead over the rim.



6. The rim lock is hung up on the tire bead, no problem use 2 tire irons to lightly pull the tire over the rim lock, once its over the rim lock press the rim lock stem in to the tire and release the tire bead back into the rim gently.


7. Finish levering the remaining bead area that is outside the rim onto the tire. if you are having trouble at this point, remove a little air from the tube and make sure the bead of the tire already on the rim is sitting in the center of the wheel and not on the beads.


8. After the beads are all set into the rim all the way around, its time to air it up. Your tire lube should still be wet, and you will be inflating past your operating pressure to seat the bead all the way around the tire. You will generally have to inflate to around 20-30PSI to seat the bead. DO NOT EXCEED THE SPECIFIED MANUFACTURER MAX PSI RATING! If you are having trouble seating you should try with the valve stem core out using an actual air compressor not a tire pump.


9. After you get the bead seated, and you have set the tire pressure to your preferred operating pressure, its time to tighten down the Rim lock nut and Valvestem nut. be sure to just set them snug, too tight can damage your tire, tube or rim lock.

IMG_0742 IMG_0743

10. Go grab a fresh beer, your tire is installed.

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Also for a quick video of similar installation techniques check out  Jay Clark’s Dunlop install video on youtube!

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